Mystery Scene & Black Cat Mystery Magazine

The latest Mystery Scene includes a review of the debut issue of Black Cat Mystery Magazine—and coincidentally, Mystery Scene arrived in my mailbox on the same day as issue two of Black Cat.

In the Mystery Scene column “Short & Sweet,” critic Ben Boulden reviewed several great new collections, including Realm of the Impossible and The Big Book of the Continental Op, and called Black Cat Mystery Magazine a “welcome addition to the market,” praising its “nice mixture of styles, settings, and stories.” In particular Boulden praised Alan Orloff’s “Getting Away” and Michael Bracken’s “Dixie Quickies”—great stories each!—and I was pleased to be labelled a “genre stalwart” myself for my story in the issue. (I’m trusting that’s a good thing, generally speaking!)

The issue promises some fine articles overall, including a profile of Anthony Boucher and his career; a celebration of Mickey Spillane’s centennial; a feature on John Hart, with his latest novel, The Hush; and an appreciation of Sue Grafton—really too many interesting articles to list here.

The new Black Cat is promising as well—with B.K. Stevens leading the line-up of authors listed on the cover. I also appreciate editors John Betancourt and Carla Coupe including a shout-out inside the issue about Bonnie’s blog series “The First Two Pages,” which I took over running after her death last year.

Much to enjoy in each magazine—hope you’ll check out both!