Post-Performance Chat: Baskerville at Mason’s Center for the Arts

I was recently invited to deliver a short talk on Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskervilles after this Saturday’s performance of Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts—good timing, since I just taught the course “Sherlock” last semester here at Mason, and fortunately saved all my notes!

The production, by the Walnut Street Theatre, features five actors playing more than 40 characters on “a sidesplitting caper through the Devonshire moors, crowded railway stations, foggy London streets, and gloomy baronial mansions where the duo searches for clues, runs into dead ends, and puzzles out the truth for the shockingly funny conclusion.”

The performance is Saturday, March 3, and the post-show reception honors the Friends of the Center for the Arts and the Friends of Theater at Mason. I’m pleased to be part of the program—and to be able to attend the production myself, one I’d very much wanted to see!