SleuthSayers: On Resolutions and a Residency

Over at SleuthSayers, I write today about New Year’s Resolutions—writing and otherwise—and share some information about a writing residency that my wife, Tara, and I are enjoying at the Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NC. Here’s a sample paragraph:

Coming off a tough year and a busy semester, I found myself at wit’s end about my writing: a novel that had lost traction, four stories in various ragged degrees of being unfinished, the sense that all of them needed attention, and no idea about which draft to tackle first—which meant working on none of them. Clearly, a shift in perspective was needed, and a shift in perspective is what we’ve taken.

Hand in hand with a resolution to give fresh priority to our writing, my wife Tara and I jumped on the opportunity to start the year off with a week’s worth of immersion in the writing life. As I finish this post, my wife and I are taking part in the writer-in-residence program at the Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities in Southern Pines, NC—a program that promises some much-appreciated time and space both to indulge our imaginations and to focus intently on our craft, freedom and diligence in equal measure.

Read the full post here—and happy new year to all!

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