Chesapeake Crimes Makes Top Five at Mystery Loves Company

Such a nice bit of news: Mystery Loves Company in Oxford, MD, posted its top five best-selling books of 2016, and the anthology Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning, featuring my story “Parallel Play,” is number three on the list! The full top five are here, from Mystery Loves Company’s latest newsletter:

  1. HAUNTED MID-SHORE by Mindie Burgoyne
  2. HARDBOILED ANXIETY by Karen Karydes.
  4. DIE LIKE AN EAGLE by Donna Andrews
  5. BRUNO CHIEF OF POLICE by Martin Walker

Congrats to all the contributors to Storm Warning, including Donna Andrews, Tim Bentler-Jungr, Shaun Taylor Bevins, Carla Kaessinger Coupe, Maddi Davidson (Mary Ann Davidson and Diane Davidson), Linda Ensign, Barb Goffman, Kim Kash, Adam Meyer, Lauren Silberman, Alan S. Orloff, KM Rockwood, Marianne Wilski Strong, and Robin Templeton. Special congrats to our editors Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley, and extra special congrats to Donna for her own book appearing in the number four slot! A nice end to the year for us all.