Review: Dale Brown’s Executive Intent

The Washington Post today published my review of Dale Brown‘s latest techno-thriller, Executive Intent. Here’s the start of my take on the book:

There’s a lot of baggage to be checked before the real story takes off in the 22nd book from ace techno-thriller writer Dale Brown: a four-page cast of characters, a four-page glossary of weapons, five pages of acronyms and terminology and 13 pages of “Real-World News Excerpts” from sources like Aviation Week, Defense Technology Internationaland And that just brings you to the prologue….

Get the feeling that there’s a bumpy ride ahead? Check out the full review here.

New Website

And while I’ve got you on the line, a quick extra bit of blatant self-promotion. I’ve just recently debuted a new personal webpage, separate from the blog here, focussed on my own writing. Hope you might pay a visit there at Thanks to web wizard Alison Strub and to illustrator Brandon Wicks (a fine writer in his own right!) for their fine work in developing the look of the site.

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0 thoughts on “Review: Dale Brown’s Executive Intent

  1. milo

    What, does Brown just give up on the plot? Where’s the story line from the time the vice-president calls the Russian premier and his own inauguration? I had to check the page numbers to make sure they weren’t physically missing.