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“Two For One”

Murder, Neat: A SleuthSayers Anthology features short fiction by members of the group blog SleuthSayers, whose contributors include some of the best short story writers in the genre. Edited by Michael Bracken and Barb Goffman, the collection features 24 stories, all touching on drinking and drinking establishments of some kind—”from dive bars to wineries.”

My own story, “Two for One,” follows a woman who’s wanting a little more adventure in her life—both gustatory and with gusto in romantic directions too. But as she tries to break free of some of the routines she and her boyfriend have established, will she end up biting off more than she can chew? …or to keep with the anthology’s title, end up sipping more than she can savor?

Murder, Neat is published by Level Short, an imprint of Level Best Books, and the full list of contributors includes: Michael Bracken, Melodie Campbell, Joseph D’Agnese, David Dean, O’Neil De Noux, Eve Fisher, John M. Floyd, David Edgerley Gates, Barb Goffman, Kristin Kisska, Janice Law, R.T. Lawton, Steve Liskow, Robert Lopresti, Leigh Lundin, Lawrence Maddox, Bob Mangeot. Travis Richardson, Stephen Ross, Art Taylor, Mark Thielman, Brian Thornton, Jim Winter, and Elizabeth Zelvin

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