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“All Tomorrow’s Parties”

The Chesapeake Crimes anthology series adds a new collection, Invitation to Murder, and I’m pleased to have my story “All Tomorrow’s Parties” included in the line-up.

Inspired in part by the Velvet Underground song of the same name, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” focuses on a single mother, estranged from her daughter and struggling with loss and addiction while attending a party that might change her life. A kind of twist on a Cinderella tale, the story has this character looking toward midnight as a magic hour, either for deliverance or as a more literal deadline.

I’m pleased to be sharing space in the collection with a great line-up of authors, including Britt Alan, Karen Cantwell, Leone Ciporin, Maddi Davidson (Diane Davidson and Mary Ann Davidson), Sarah Hogroian, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Maureen Klovers, Jane Limprecht, Adam Meyer, Josh Pachter, KM Rockwood, Joanna Campbell Slan, Mary Stojak, Robin Templeton, Cathy Wiley, and Stacy Woodson. Thanks to our editors Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley, as well as the selection committee for this volume: G.M. Malliet, Greg Herren, and James Lincoln Warren.


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