Pub Week! The Adventure of the Castle Thief and Other Expeditions and Indiscretions

This week, my second story collection—The Adventure of the Castle Thief and Other Expeditions and Indiscretions—will officially be out in the world. The collection features two previously unpublished stories: the title novella about mystery and mischief during a study abroad trip to Ireland and “Everyone Talks About the Weather,” which traces the escalating conflict between two meteorologists who disagree about their forecasts, with implications for their community and (perhaps?) the wider world.

The book is available direct from my publisher, Crippen & Landru, and also through Bookshop and IndieBound (support your local independent bookstores!) and Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you’d like an autographed copy, Scrawl Books in Reston, Virginia will have some available soon; order here. (For whatever reason, many of the descriptions have this tagged as “large print”—rest assured it’s not.)

Thanks to Steve Weddle for hosting me with a blog post at Do Some Damage—and stay tuned for more blog posts later this week at The Wickeds and Jungle Red Writers.

Here’s the official description of the book, along with some advance praise—very grateful for the kind words from such distinguished authors!

A man hears a melody in the night and begins a dangerous quest to locate its source. Ghosts of the past haunt the present in hotels, at an office party, and on a date that takes a dark turn. And an elderly woman named Marple sets out to prove she’s every bit as capable as Christie’s own famous sleuth. This second short story collection from Edgar Award winner Art Taylor spans the spectrum of crime fiction—from light-hearted traditional mystery to noir-tinged tales and even toward speculative fiction—and features two previously unpublished stories and an introduction by Martin Edwards.


“Art Taylor is our present-day Edgar Allan Poe. His carefully crafted tales dig into the darkness of human desires and loneliness. This short story collection is beautifully arranged, first lulling us into delight and then surging into a madness only seen behind closed bedroom doors. A definite must-read ” Naomi Hirahara, a Mary Higgins Clark Award winner of Clark and Division

“Only the very best succeed in making a career from short stories. Art Taylor stands out for his wit, fine writing and beautifully observed snapshots of modern life.” Peter Lovesey, author of the Peter Diamond series and winner of the Gold, Silver, and Cartier Diamond Daggers from the British Crime Writers’ Association

“You can count on two things with Art Taylor’s stories-not only will they be very, very good, they’ll also surprise you. I love the way he plays with the short story form, sometimes in diabolical ways, but never at the expense of giving the reader a damned good read.” Donna Andrews, NYT-bestselling author of Round Up the Usual Peacocks and Dashing Through the Snowbirds

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