Black Cat Mystery & Science Fiction: “Restoration”

The Black Cat Mystery & Science Fiction EBook Club is showcasing my story “Restoration” this week as part of new line of short stories selected and presented by Barb Goffman. The story is available for free for Black Cat Club members or is 99 cents for non-members. (But really, you should join.)

“Restoration” was originally published in the first issue of Crime Syndicate Magazine nearly five years ago, and what’s distinctive about it here is that it meets both the “Mystery” side of the Black Cat Club and the “Science Fiction” side as well. The story examines the intersection of insurance and cloning—with the idea of “victim replacement” for families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes.

The Black Cat Mystery & Science Fiction EBook Club, presented by Wildside Press, offers free books and stories each week from the publisher’s extensive catalog, plus discounts on other purchases as well.

Find out more here—and thanks to Barb Goffman for selecting my story for her new series!

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