Mystery Readers Journal: Gardening Mysteries

I’m pleased to have an essay in the new issue of Mystery Readers Journal. The theme is “Gardening Mysteries,” and while I’m no gardener myself, I’ve realized that many of my characters are—including a landscaper, a botanist, and more.

Here are the opening paragraphs of my essay, “The Wrong Thumbs (But At Least They Can Google)”:

I’m not sure what to call the opposite of a green thumb. A yellowing thumb? A browning thumb? A withered, deformed, charcoal-ashy thumb?

Those adjectives at least seem to describe the swift stages of demise for too many of the plants placed under my care. I’ve even killed cacti. Too much water? Too little? What’s the right balance? That’s the real mystery—at least to me.

But as for the mysteries I write… well, whatever my own deficiencies, my characters know and care about tending their own plants.

Scanning the contents page, I see a slew of friends who’ve contribute essays as well, including Amanda Flower, Rosemary Harris, Linda Lovely, Susan C. Shea, Wendy Tyson, Gay Toltl Kinman, Marvin Lachman, and Cathy Pickens. Thanks to editor Janet Rudolph for including me and for pulling together what seems to be another great issue!

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Readers Journal: Gardening Mysteries

  1. Barb Goffman

    I call mine a black thumb. In college some friends wanted to get me a plant for my birthday. Went to a plant store. Explained about my black thumb. The owner sold them a peace plant. Said I couldn’t kill it. The poor thing was dead in a month.

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