Spring Break! With Snow! And Birthday Week Too!

This week is Spring Break at George Mason University—and each of those words comes with an ironic twist.

The official start of Spring is, as I write this, still several days away, and in the meantime, we’re under a winter weather warning, with forecasts including anywhere from 1 to 12 inches of snow, depending on which source you’re checking. (Whatever the totals, our son Dash is already ready for hot chocolate!)

As for the “Break” part…ever since last Tuesday, I’ve been pacing myself through all the grading I need to do: four essays a day from my Recent American Fiction class, four a day from my Creative Nonfiction workshop, and three reviews from my Reviewing course—plus a couple of books to read in preparation for next week!

One highlight of the week, however: Thursday is my birthday! (I won’t say which one.) Among my birthday plans are to eat at every restaurant that has emailed me some sort of birthday perk: free appetizers, entrees, and desserts! It’s a good way to feel both indulgent and spoiled at the same time.