Interviews: The Open Mic & The Indy Author Podcast

Coincidentally, I got word early this week that two recent interviews I’d done would be going live on Tuesday—which is also my busiest teaching day of the week, so I’m a day late in sharing the news myself!

Rich Ehisen and I met at this year’s Bouchercon in San Diego, and I was honored when he asked me to be on his show, The Open Mic—a terrific series. Rich was undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful interviewers I’ve ever had—building on his background as a reporter. It was a real joy being on the show, and you can find our episode on YouTube here. Like and subscribe! I’ve already enjoyed other episodes of the series, and trust you will too.

Matty Dalrymple first reached out to me after another mystery conference, this year’s Malice Domestic, to invite me to her series, The Indy Author Podcast, and she had a very specific topic she wanted to discuss: the First Two Pages blog and lessons I’ve learned from curating it over so many years. I jumped at this chance as well—always thrilled to sing the praises of Bonnie Stevens who first founded The First Two Pages and of the many writers I’ve been able to host since taking over the blog myself. Matty and I had a terrific chat, one that touched on many craft issues as well, and I hope others will enjoy that interview, along with Matty’s generous show notes too.

Thanks to both Rich and Matty for their kindness and attention. Good people both!

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