A Saturday with Sherlock

November 5 marks the 43rd annual “Saturday with Sherlock Holmes” at the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore—and online too!—and I’m grateful to have been invited to speak again at this year’s event.

The topic of this year’s celebration is place, and here’s the opening paragraph of the event listing:

From foggy London to remote Australia to the wilds of Dartmoor, there are many curious places in the Sherlock Holmes stories. Eight local Sherlockians talk about their favorites, including Sherlock’s home at 221B Baker Street; his favorite restaurant, Simpson’s in the Strand; the exclusive Diogenes Club; lovely Montague Street; dangerous Ballarat, Australia; Cheeseman’s, Sussex, home to a vampire; and misty, hound-haunted Dartmoor. 

I’ll be speaking about the Diogenes Club—or speaking around the topic of the Diogenes Club? My talk is titled “It’s All Greeks to Me”—and that plural is deliberate. (You’ll see.)

Check out full event information here—for in-person or for participating virtually!

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