“Little Martha” in Trouble No More

It looks like the entirety of my published fiction in 2021 is going to be two stories: the first a limited-edition lark-of-a-Christmas-tale for Crippen & Landru, and the second totaling a mere 415 words—that latter one being “Little Martha” in the anthology Trouble No More, edited by Mark Westmoreland and featuring crime fiction inspired by Southern Rock.

(I say “mere” but the fact is that it took me about six weeks to write and revise the story, and that was before the two rounds of feedback from each of my writers’ groups. Have I mentioned I’m slow?)

The cover for Trouble No More (awesome!) was revealed this week, along with pre-order options—all at the Down & Out Books website here. And I’m so pleased to be alongside such a talented group of contributors, including Bill Baber, C.W. Blackwell, Jerry Bloomfield, S.A. Cosby, Nikki Dolson, Michel Lee Garrett, James D.F. Hannah, Curtis Ippolito, Jessica Laine, Brodie Lowe, Bobby Mathews, Brian Panowich, Rob Pierce, Joey R. Poole, Raquel V. Reyes, Michael Farris Smith, J.B. Stevens, Chris Swann, Art Taylor, N.B. Turner and Joseph S. Walker.