More Than Malice • July 14-17

In better circumstances, Malice Domestic would’ve happened a couple of months back and in person—and in that other world, as I wrote this, we’d all be thinking of what to pack and what to wear and how excited we’d all be to see one another again.

But even with in new circumstances and conditions, I’m still finding myself excited about More Than Malice coming up this week—such an impressive array of authors and subjects as I’m browsing through the panels and plotting my schedule! And that is similar to a regular year: Where am I gonna be? Who am I gonna see?

I’m pleased to be part of the schedule myself—beginning with programming that’s already been released online to the general public: the Agatha Award panels, available here. My story “The Boy Detective and the Summer of ’74” is a finalist for this year’s Agatha Award for Best Short Story, and I was thrilled to talk short fiction with my fellow panelists via Zoom, the next best thing to being there!

Additionally, I moderated a panel on short story collections with a group of terrific writers, legendary ones even: Lawrence Block, Dana Cameron, Nikki Dolson, Gale Massey, and Sara Paretsky. That panel will be aired on Saturday, July 17, at 2:30 p.m. and is only available to registered attendees.

Finally, I’ll be signed on (and on the edge of my seat!) for the Agatha Awards presentation itself later on Saturday afternoon at 5:30 p.m.

In between times, I’ll be a spectator at various events—from the opening ceremonies and chat with Louise Penny, through the Thursday evening events, and the other panels on Friday and Saturday.

Much ahead—and hope to “see” you there!