“The Boy Detective” Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered my newsletter giveaway for copies of the January/February 2020 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine with my story “The Boy Detective & The Summer of ’74 and Other Tales of Suspense.” The winners are… drumroll, please!

  1. Marcia A.
  2. James B.
  3. Cindy B.
  4. Larry C.
  5. Shari H.
  6. Joan L.
  7. Jane L.
  8. Todd M.
  9. Kathleen R.
  10. Sterling S.
  11. Jacqueline S.
  12. Jeff S.
  13. J.B. S.
  14. Gary U.
  15. Laura W.

I hope everyone has enjoyed happy holidays and wishing you all good tidings for New Year’s Eve and 2021 ahead!