Jeez Louise!

I’ve found myself subscribed (likely through contests I’ve entered) to a couple of emails on cocktails and bartending, and a couple of recent emails from have spotlighted the Jeez Louise, a cocktail created by Chris McMillian at the Revel Cafe & Bar in New Orleans.

The first time it popped up in my inbox, I thought, “Cool picture, sounds great,” but we were out of Cynar, so… another time, right?

The second time it popped up, I thought, “Wait… Louise! I know a Louise!”

(I’m very slow on making these connections myself….)

One trip to the ABC store later (mask in place), I had my Cynar, plus a fun idea for a picture for Instagram—and now for here.

“Careful, Daddy! Make sure there are no cars coming! They’d destroy your book!”

All worked out well, of course. Hope you enjoy!