Stories Ahead! (Or are they already behind us?!?)

This week brought an announcement and an acceptance—always a good week to be able to look toward publications in the future.

First, with the March/April issue of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine now on newsstands, EQMM‘s website was updated with a glimpse of the May/June issue, and I’m pleased to see my story heading up the preview, along with short fiction by many friends and folks I admire, including David Dean, Brendan DuBois, Martin Edwards, Janice Law, William Burton McCormick, Josh Pachter, Bill Pronzini, Mark Stevens, Marilyn Todd, Dave Zelsterman, and more.

Then, Barb Goffman announced the list of stories and contributors to her upcoming anthology Crime Travel, featuring crime fiction crossed with time travel—such a fun concept! I was thrilled to see my story “Hard Return” alongside so many friends and writers I admire there too; the full list of contributors is: James Blakey, Michael Bracken, Anna Castle, David Dean, Brendan DuBois, John Floyd, Barb herself, Melissa Haveman, Heidi Hunter, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Adam Meyer, Barbara Monajem, Korina Woisin Moss, Art Taylor (yay!), and Cathy Wiley.

Crime Travel will be published by Wildside Press on December 8, 2019—Pretend to Be A Time Traveler Day. (Or maybe the book’s already out now—I mean if someone has gotten that whole time travel thing figured out before then. Stay tuned.)

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