Bouchercon Recap & Crime Reads Roundtable

Back from Bouchercon—and what a weekend! So great to see so many old friends and to make so many new ones, and while I didn’t bring home an award this conference, I was thrilled to see my friends Paul D. Marks win the Macavity and Hillary Davidson win the Anthony for Best Short Story—both of them very much deserving of the honor, and congrats to all the winners for each award!

Conference highlights at every turn, but a few worth a shout-out:

  • Author speed-dating with my fellow Anthony finalist Susanna Calkins. We got our presentation down perfect… at the last table we spoke with. Thanks to Kristopher Zgorski and Michael Mueller for running such a fine program.
  • The all-star panel I moderated with guests of honor Karin Slaughter and Lisa Unger, plus Jordan Harper, Michael Koryta, and Wendi Corsi Staub—a tough topic (threats against families) but a surprisingly fun discussion, and it was nice to have so many people approach me throughout the weekend to say how much they enjoyed it.
  • Our short story panel with Susie Calkins, Hillary Davidson, Barb Goffman, and Debra Goldstein—just wish Jen Conley had made it in time for the discussion as well.
  • Attending my first Shamus Banquet—great food (tater tots!) and fine conversation, though had hoped that Paul might bring home the short story award that night too! Looking forward to attending this one again another year.
  • Seeing my good friend Sherry Harris step up as president of Sisters in Crime—a president who surely deserves the honor and one we can really be proud of!
  • And then having a writer friend stop me in the lobby about a project she’d like me to be a part of…. always a nice perk of these conferences, the opportunities that might surprise you sometimes!

Speaking of discussions and opportunities and surprises: As we arrived in Tampa, Crime Reads posted the first post of a two-part roundtable on “The State of the Crime Novel”—featuring writers from this year’s slate of Anthony finalists. Part two rolled out later in Bouchercon. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts on the questions, and hope that others will find these perspectives interesting as well. Check out parts one and two to see for yourself.

Heading back into the work week now—and not hardly ready, despite completing the assigned reading for Hound of the Baskervilles on the flight home!

Thanks to all for a fun time in St. Pete, and look forward to seeing everyone at the next go-round too.