WIROB: Back to School, Been in School

My back-to-school column at the Washington Independent Review of Books looks at both my summer reading and my growing to-be-read list—so much of which has kept me in school anyway.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

I would say I’m looking forward to getting back to school — except in many ways, I haven’t really left it this summer, and not simply because I do a lot of my own writing in my campus office even when classes aren’t in session. The fact is, academic settings have been at the core of much of my writing these days — and my reading, as well, the two purposefully intertwined.

My next novel is a crime story set in an all-boys boarding school. I’ve been writing it on and off for too long now, and during summer break, I’ve finally immersed myself more fully in my draft.

I can’t — won’t — talk much more about the characters or the plot at this point, but I’m glad to chat about some of the reading I’ve enjoyed working around this writing project.

Read the full piece here.