SleuthSayers: My Latest Column (and last…for now…)

At SleuthSayers today, I talk about my horrendously inefficient writing process, hint toward a longer project, and bit adieu to my regular columns on the site—at least for a bit.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

As I’ve said before (too much likely), I’m a slow writer—and I think that my inclination toward writing short stories stems in part from that slow writing pace as well. While my process can vary somewhat from story to story, across the board I generally write in a piecemeal fashion—letting plot and character percolate in my head, sketching scenes at various points in the story rather then working through the draft in order, filling in bits and pieces of scenes as I discover myself what’s needed or what’s missing, slowly urging the whole mess into shape until it looks like something complete. (And then trying not to read it again after it’s published so I won’t be reminded of all the spots I should’ve done better.)

Check out the full post here.