Inner Loop Radio: Genre Fiction

My wife, Tara Laskowski, and I were invited to take part in a podcast episode on “genre fiction” for Inner Loop Radio—and as soon as I was introduced into the discussion, I muscled Tara out of the way, went into full professorial mode, and held forth on the topic at hand, dropping names and citing sources with high-handed arrogance and reckless abandon.

At least that’s the way I remember it.

I’m hoping I don’t come across quite so badly in the episode itself.

Tara was actually the featured guest here, and the podcast includes a clip of her from the Inner Loop’s reading series in Washington, DC, where she read part of her story “The Monitor” from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. What followed was a discussion about the divisions and differences (perceived? actual?) between literary fiction and genre fiction, and some of the ways that the two mesh and intermingle.

You can hear the episode here.

Thanks to Rachel Coonce and Courtney Sexton for hosting us! They are—always—the best.