WIROB: “I’m Your Biggest Fan”

As a preview of this Thursday’s Sisters in Crime panel at Alexandria, Virginia’s Beatley Library, I asked several friends from the local Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime to share their own stories of memorable (read: sometimes awkward) interactions with their fans—or in one case, as a fan herself with an author she admired. Here’s a preview of today’s column at the Washington Independent Review of Books:

Writers and readers meet in a common space — namely, the book or story or essay that the writer wrote and that the reader has chosen to read. But what happens when the meeting space shifts? When writers and readers come together not in that book, story, or essay, but more directly — face-to-face at a book launch or author signing? Or in a hotel lobby? Twice?

Read the entire column here—and thanks to Maya Corrigan, Sherry Harris, Alan Orloff, Aimee Hix, and Barb Goffman for their fun stories!