Interview at Tea Cottage Mysteries

Thanks to Samantha McGraw at Tea Cottage Mysteries for interviewing me today—a fun chat about writing, about mysteries, and (of course!) about tea. Samantha and I first met at last month’s Suffolk, VA Mystery Authors Festival, and we hit it off immediately, both on a shared love of mysteries and on a shared love of tea. Here’s our exchange on that question:

What is your favorite tea blend?

These days I’ve been enjoying Chesapeake Sunrise each more, a blend from Capital Teas (black and green with orange peel and almonds)—one of my all time favorites. In the afternoons, I go with a denser black tea—these days Bewley’s Irish Afternoon Tea. Come later fall and winter, it’ll be Lapsang Souchong in the afternoons—and I specifically like the version from Taylors of Harrogate.

Check out the full interview here—and more of her great website generally.