December Newsletter: News, Events & Another Giveaway!

For my second quarterly newsletter (so far, so good!), I look back at what’s been a milestone year and give a glimpse ahead at plans for 2017—including at least one publication, slated for January.

Here’s an excerpt:

The end of the year always prompts little bursts of reflection and assessment for me. What were my goals and hopes for the past 12 months? Where did I push forward when needed, or where did I fall short? Much of that takes the form of personal questions: How good a husband or father am I? How am I passing along the best example and lessons for our son? instilling in him the best virtues? The answer that keeps coming up: I’m always grateful for my good fortune and always trying to live up to it—to prove myself a person deserving of all of it.

From a professional standpoint, I feel much the same way.

What follows talks about recent publications and award attention, plus a round-up of ways I’ve tried to give back to the community, along with recent recommendations from my own reading and much more.

And speaking of giving back, congrats to Tess Andrews, who won the prize pack from my previous newsletter, including the November 2016 issue of Ellery Queen’s Magazine, a recent issue of The Digest Enthusiast, and the latest Best American Mystery Stories, including a section from my novel in stories On the Road with Del & Louise.

And for anyone interested in the next giveaway… well, check out the bottom of the newsletter here for info on the book bundle and the next trivia question!

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