Anniversary Reading with Tara Laskowski: June 6, Easton, MD

On Monday, June 6, my wife Tara Laskowski and I will be giving a joint reading at the Easton Branch of the Talbot County Free Library, located at 100 West Dover Street in Easton, Maryland. The reading begins at 6 p.m., and Mystery Loves Company Booksellers in Oxford, Maryland, will be on hand for book sales after the reading. Thanks to William Peak at the library—a fine author himself!—for inviting us to participate and to Kathy and Tom Harig at Mystery Loves Company for joining us!

It’s not uncommon for Tara and me to appear together on programs. Just this year, for example, we’ve already shared panel space at the Burke Centre Library (our local library) for a discussion of short stories; we’ve presented at separate sessions at the recent Conversations and Connections conference; and still ahead, we’ll be appearing at the Starts Here! Reading Series in Baltimore (June 13), the Wit Rabbit Reading Series in Chicago (August 2), and the Reston Readings Series (August 28).

But this reading in Easton is special: June 6 is our seventh wedding anniversary.

I can’t promise cake or champagne (at least we haven’t arranged any yet!), but I do hope that folks in the area might come out for a special evening. Each of us is going to read some love-themed section from our respective works (On the Road with Del & Louise and Bystanders: Stories are our books, though I think Tara is reading a short flash as well), and a special guest will be along for the evening as well, our son Dashiell—who loves book events, we have to say… though he probably will be expecting cake.

Maybe we should get on that.