Here, There, Everywhere

Well, maybe not everywhere, but….

As my busy semester at George Mason University has overwhelmed my schedule lately, I’ve fallen behind on updating my blog here with various appearances elsewhere on the web. Here’s a quick catch-up post about short essays and interviews in recent weeks.

Two columns at SleuthSayers each look back at childhood loves—one as a segue toward writing advice. Check out a column on Lego and on The Nancy Drew Cookbook.

At Criminal Minds, I answer the question about where my ideas come from by reprinting a column on why people shouldn’t ask that question.

Finally, as part of the lead-up toward Malice Domestic, this year’s Agatha Award finalists for Best First Novel have been conducting a short blog hop, answering a different question at each stop. Appearances so far include:

  • Mysteristas—on the questions: After the process of having your own first novel published, what words of wisdom do you have for future first-time novelists? What surprises or challenges have you encountered?
  • Washington Independent Review of Books—on the question: What is your own favorite first novel—whether by a mystery novelist or not—and why?
  • Writers Who Kill—on the question: What was your path to your debut published novel?
  • Wicked Cozy Authors—on the questions: Is the book you are nominated for the first book you wrote? And from the time you decided to write a novel how long did it take you to get published?

More ahead for this group at The Stiletto Gang, Criminal Minds, and Chicks on the Case. Stay tuned!