Blog Hop: Jungle Reds and Sleuthsayers

This past week, I’ve kicked off a blog hop of sorts—guest posts and interviews ahead in anticipation of my debut book, On the Road with Del & Louise: A Novel in Stories, coming out September 15 from Henery Press. The posts, at Jungle Red Writers and at SleuthSayers, each build on aspects related to the new book, and each tend—looking at them now—toward a little philosophical meandering (“existentialing,” Louise herself calls it in the book). The SleuthSayers post also marks another debut: a guest post that will lead into a regular gig as a contributor on the blog, and thanks to John Floyd both for inviting me for the single appearance and then extending that into a fuller invitation. Thanks too to Hank Phillippi Ryan for hosting me at Jungle Reds.

Check out each post here:

More hopping to come. Stay tuned!