Joining a New Blog: 7 Criminal Minds

In the years since I started this blog, I’ve unfortunately failed to keep momentum on many of the elements I’d hoped to include more regularly—short reviews, author interviews, bits of literary news, etc.—and it’s devolved lately into more personal news. And even that has been irregularly posted at best.

But in January, I joined the good folks at Criminal Minds: A Virtual Panel, a nice compilation of writers who takes turns every other week responding to a shared question, and I’m hopeful that this panel format will get me back on track with some regular posts.

So far, I’ve answered the questions “What’s wrong with asking the question ‘Where do you get your ideas?'” and “How do you know where one chapter ends and another begins?”, and I’ll be chiming in on new questions every other Friday in the future. Hope folks will check in over there now and again!

And in the meantime, I’ll continue posts here on that very irregular basis. — Art Taylor