New Fiction: “Ithaca 37” in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

img004I’m thrilled to have had two stories appearing in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine this year—the second of which has just been published in the September/October 2013 double issue. “Ithaca 37” takes its title from one of the guns that Michael Caine’s character used in the film Get Carter—a gun that this story’s narrator and film aficionado tries to put to good use as well and for some of the same reasons (or at least that’s what he thinks). This story is the first time I’ve tried to work pretty comprehensively with a less than reliable narrator, and I hope that the whole thing holds together straight through to the end.

I’m also pleased to be sharing space in this issue with some extraordinarily talented short story writers, including Doug Allyn, Dana Cameron, David Dean, and Brendan DuBois. Just got the chance last night to read David Dean’s contribution, “In a Dark Manner,” and it’s another terrific tale of his—marked both by keen suspense and sharp surprises and by the sense of moral weight that’s such a hallmark of his work. Looking forward to reading the rest of the issue soon too. — Art Taylor

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  1. Anne DeMarsay

    Art, congratulations on the publication of your new story. I look forward to reading it. I’ve never tackled anything with an unreliable narrator myself, but I enjoy reading such tales.