Missing One Mystery Scene, In Another

This time of year, I’m usually up in New York for the Edgar Awards presentation by the Mystery Writers of America, but with end-of-semester crunch time, wedding planning, and the general economic tightening, I ended up missing this year’s events and last night’s big finale. For those interested, the list of this year’s Edgar winners is available here.

Each time I’ve been up for the program, Kate Stine and Brian Skupin have invited me to join the Mystery Scene table, but while I wasn’t there with them in person, I was at least there in spirit — and in print too, with not just one but two articles in the just-published new issue of their magazine. My article “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” the first of a two-part seris on romantic crime films, surveys the lighter side of love and suspense; my own personal favorite from this first list is 1941’s Ball of Fire, a charming screwball comedy with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. (A follow-up in the next issue, “Love Bites,” will look at some of the dark places love can lead us). And I also had the opportunity to do a short interview with Hannah Berry about her great debut graphic novel, Britten and Brülightly. In addition, Oline H. Cogdill offers a cover story on Laurie King, and the full issue promises a multitude of riches.

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